FTS Code of Ethics

1. Professionalism
It is the responsibility of FOR-TRAVEL-SAKE to conduct business affairs forth-rightly, with professional competence and factual accuracy.

2. Representations
Representations to the public shall be truthful, explicit, and intelligible avoiding deception and concealment of material facts, conditions and requirements. FOR-TRAVEL-SAKE will promptly advise its guests of any change in itinerary, services, features, or price. If substantial changes are made that are out of the control of FOR-TRAVEL-SAKE, guests will be allowed to cancel without penalty.

3. Pricing
In advertising and quoting of price for any travel services, the total deliverable price, including service charges and special charges, shall be clearly and readily determinable, and the pendency of any known condition or contingency, such as fares subject to Conference and/or Government approval, shall be openly and noticeably disclosed.

4. Accuracy
FOR-TRAVEL-SAKE shall provide all components as stated in their website, newsletter, brochure or written confirmation, or provide alternate services of equal or greater value, or provide appropriate compensation. Advertising and explanation of tour features shall clearly state and identify the facilities, accommodations and services included; any substitutions of features or deviation from the advertised tour shall be communicated expeditiously and the cause thereof be explained to all guests involved.

5. Credentials
FOR-TRAVEL-SAKE shall not, in exchange for money or otherwise, provide travel agent credentials to any person as to whom there is no reasonable expectation that the person will engage in a bona fide effort to sell or manage the sale of travel services to the general public on behalf of the affiliate through the period of validity of such credentials.

6. Responsiveness
FOR-TRAVEL-SAKE shall promptly respond to its guests, cooperate with any inquiry conducted, respond to any dispute involving its guests, and remit any undisputed funds under their control within reasonable time. Reason for delay in providing funds will be given to the claimant promptly.

7. Confidentiality
FOR-TRAVEL-SAKE shall treat every guest's transaction confidentially and not disclose any information without written permission from the guest, unless required by law.

8. Conflict of Interest
FOR-TRAVEL-SAKE shall not allow any preferred relationship with a supplier of travel services to interfere with the interests of its guests.

9. Integrity in Tourism
FOR-TRAVEL-SAKE shall so arrange and conduct its business as to instill retailer, consumer, and public confidence in its financial stability, reliability, and integrity and shall avoid any conduct or action conducive to discrediting its affiliates as signifying allegiance to professional and financial "Integrity in Tourism".

10. Compliance
FOR-TRAVEL-SAKE shall abide by all federal, state, local, or international laws and regulations.