Romancing Cartagena


$1,880/Couple for 3 NIGHTS

Calling all history buffs! Take part in a historical tour of Cartagena for a brief overview of the city's most famous historical landmarks. Visit the Castle of San Felipe and the San Pedro Claver Church and learn about Cartagena's fascinating history from your expert local guide. Spend the day relaxing in the Rosario Islands, swimming in the pristine Caribbean waters, and visiting the local aquarium.


The largest in the region in terms of passenger movement. Its name Rafael Nunez refers to former Colombian president, who wrote the verses of the national anthem of this country. This airport is located within the urban area of Cartagena de Indias, allowing easy access from anywhere in the city.

Cartagena's magnificent city walls and countless fortresses were erected to protect its riches, as well as to safeguard the most important African slave market in the New World. The "Walled City" attracts many to Cartagena, but it actually comprises a small section of this city of half a million.

Day to Day Itinerary

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Escape Cartagena for the day and take a trip to the Rosario Islands! Enjoy a 1-hour cruise from Cartagena to the Rosario Islands, a magnificent archipelago and a must-see while in Colombia. The Rosario Islands are a group of private islands off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia. Due to its beautifully intact ecosystem, the archipelago was declared a national park in 1977. The beautiful array of natural flora and fauna is sure to impress you! On this day trip from Cartagena, take a sightseeing cruise to the various islands and spend time relaxing on their beautiful beaches. Take in astonishing Caribbean views and go for a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters. Stop for lunch on the islands (own expense) and enjoy an authentic Colombian meal. Stop at the local aquarium, an impressive open-water display of aquatic wonders. Relax as you watch a dolphin show, play with sea rays, laugh at the seals' playful performance, and admire the majestic sharks! Cruising back to Cartagena in the evening.

Cartagena is an important historical city, as its port marks the former entry point for Spanish conquerors into South America. The city's fortifications, built for protection against invasion, still stand strong in the walled city today. The colonial architecture seen in houses, government buildings and churches aided in the city's 1984 designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On your guided tour, learn all about the city's fascinating culture and history. First, visit the Castle of San Felipe, a site where many battles between the Spanish, English and French took place. Today, its impressive structure is considered just one of Cartagena's many UNESCO World Heritage sites. Travel on to the San Pedro Claver Church, one of Cartagena's most-visited landmarks. Home to a priest who aided the hungry and sick slaves arriving in the port of Cartagena, this monastery holds a special sentimental value to Colombia's African-American descendants. Your third stop is a visit to the Inquisition Museum, where you'll become more familiar with Cartagena's bloody past. Learn about the inquisition that took place in Cartagena in the 17th century and listen as your expert guide explains all about its trials and victims.

Tour Highlights

  • 100% GUIDED TOUR


Hotel San Martin

This colonial style bed and breakfast hotel is located in the prestigious Boca Grande beach peninsula approximately 10 minutes from the airport, 5 minutes from the historic city center and a hundred yards from the Caribbean beaches. 1 Standard Room Sleeps 2.


Ensure a hassle-free way to start your vacation with this convenient, reliable round-trip transfer from the Airport to your hotel on a comfortable shuttle.

Not Included

  • MEALS (U.N.O.)

What to Bring

  • Camera with extra batteries & film
  • Money in small denominations
  • Toiletries & personal medications
  • Hat, Day pack / dry sack

What to Expect

  • Day tour guide: US$10.00 per person/day
  • Transfer driver: US$2.00 per person
  • Tour driver: US$5.00 per person/day
  • Hotel bellman: US$1.00 per person per suitcase
  • International airport bellmen (red caps): US$1.00 per piece of suitcase
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