Rocky Mountains Tours

Rising over 14,000 feet into the sky, the Rocky Mountain Range stretches between the United States and Canada. The mountain range, which holds the Continental Divide, draws guests from around the world who wishes to climb its peaks, study its wildlife or take in its views. National parks in both the US and Canada protect the area so that guests can continue to appreciate its grandeur. Mount Elbert near Leadville, Colorado, has an elevation of 14,433 feet, making it the tallest peak in the mountain range.

On the US side, the Yellowstone National Park among others, gives guests the opportunity to explore the Rockies. It's wonderland. Old Faithful and the majority of the world's geysers are preserved here. They are the main reason the park was established in 1872 as America's first national park-an idea that spread worldwide. A mountain wild land, home to grizzly bears, wolves, and herds of bison and elk, the park is the core of one of the last, nearly intact, natural ecosystems in the Earth's temperate zone.

Yellowstone National Park


Enjoy a lovely drive across the Colorado Plateau, visiting the world's highest concentration of natural arches. Straddle over the continental divide to discover the world's largest mountain carving and most famous icon of America before arriving at Yellowstone, our heritage and home to world's largest super volcano and over 10,000 natural landscapes. A family experience full of nature, entertainment and shopping.

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